Why Justin Bieber Needs Me

Why Justin Bieber Needs Me

The Future “No” Girl of Entertainment

It’s no secret that as of late Justin Bieber has been in a lot of legal trouble as of late, but what is maybe a secret is me. In the last few weeks Justin has been arrested, charged, or accused of something or another; his dilemmas include being accused of drug possession (whether that is just gossip who knows?), egging his neighbor’s house, and possibly the most troubling of them all is his recent arrest for “drag racing” while under the influence. Bieber did test positive for marijuana as well as Xanax.

Justin has truly grown up in the spotlight. There is no denying the fact that he has spent his most formative years under the unforgiving eye of the public and more important the paparazzi and press.  So let’s do a quick recap from the beginning of Justin Bieber’s career  until now. Bieber came on the scene as a fresh-faced and dare I say squeaky clean kid who emulated Usher. He quickly stole the hearts of preteens and grown women alike. He has had number one hit after number one hit which if you ask me has more than likely gone to his head and inflated his ego upon repair, but I digress.

What Justin is in dire need of is a swift kick in the ass! A problem that many celebrities suffer from is what I call the “yes man”. Once you make it big everybody and their mama wants to make you happy whether it be good for you or not. People will latch on to you and use you for what you can do or give to them. Unfortunately, for Bieber his celebrity came so fast and so young he didn’t know how to save himself from the leeches. When you can’t differentiate your true friends from those that are only around while you’re in the spotlight is that it can lead you down the wrong path which will only lead to trouble.

So not only does Bieber need a swift kick in the ass he needs a team of people around him who are not going to just tell him what he wants to hear but what he NEEDS to hear. That is where I come into play. Being in the social media “industry” so to speak allows for me to capture the attention of the maybe not so adoring public and help turn his image around. I not only want to help repair his image but also repair him as a person. Don’t get me wrong I am no psychiatrist by any means but I am an objective party that has no problem telling him no. This long and quite honestly daunting task would include a complete rehab of sorts; Justin would need to regain his focus on his career and lay off on the partying. I’ve found that when people lay low the media and general public tend to ease off on your past imperfections. Justin needs to be reminded what drove him to success in the first place and reconnect with the people who supported him before he was “somebody”. I think it would also be imperative that he stop talking to the media because there are some things that need to be left to the professionals. If he wants to talk to reporters or paparazzi there is some serious coaching that needs to happen. In other words he needs to go sit down somewhere and calm down.

He’s still young and learning what life is all about which means he still needs that guidance that does not come with money or fame.  If you ask me it is clear that Bieber does not have a good team around him because if he did somebody would be telling him that his crew of flunkies he keeps around are not good for him or his image. You see it’s not all about his image either because once his celebrity fades he will still need to be able to face the man in the mirror.

And if you think he’s just a young kid who needs to make his mistakes I would have to argue with you. The trouble for Bieber does not seem to be getting any better. Just last week or so Bieber was spotted at Diddy’s “Tequila Bash”. Is it just me or has everybody seem to forgotten that this young man is still under 21. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean the law doesn’t apply. I think it’s high time that someone remind him and the people around him of this because in the end all they’re doing is hurting him.

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