The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real

My Journey to Becoming a Celebrity Publicist

The last few months have truly been surreal for me as I’ve taken the leap and quit my day job to become a full time celebrity publicist. I knew this road wouldn’t be easy but I never expected it to push me and try me as it has done. In recent weeks I have felt down and out and just overall unmotivated in a way. I continue to see my peers and others who I may not know do some amazing things, but I feel as though I am going nowhere. I know success isn’t over night but I feel as though I have already hit a road block that is hindering my success. I feel as though new opportunities are not being presented or found, the work I currently do is not being recognized, and that everything I want to do is out of reach.

I know most of you are probably thinking “suck it up” or “you have to keep going” but let me tell you when there appears to be so much success around you that you can’t attain, the frustration is real. I know this is something that everyone can relate to no matter where they’re at in their personal journey. No matter what your dream is or the ultimate end goal we are all in the struggle together and we all go through these moments of self doubt. 

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