The Re-Branding of Brand Me

The Re-Branding of Brand Me

We’re all guilty of it, we get a great idea and have all intention to follow through on some big action plan but alas we lose focus and time goes by and the next thing you know your “big idea” sits alone in the corner collecting dust. I have wanted to make this blog a focal point of my brand for quite some time, but life gets in the way and I make excuses for not creating new content. That stops now. I want to share my life, my travels, and my career struggles with anyone who cares to listen. I have a lot to say (most of the time) and I’d like to think that my honesty makes for a pretty good read. I’m not afraid to share my struggles, my imperfections, and the scary truth about ‘adulting’. I also want to share my adventures, laughs, and ultimate wins. So from this point forward I want to be held accountable. The only way to be held accountable is to share your action plan for others to know so that they can check in on you and tell you when you’re failing to follow through.

I am under construction. No one told me I had to stay the same. In fact those who don’t grow lose out on a lot of opportunities. Until I find the path that fits me I’ll continue to make changes. I just assumed that when I graduated college and began my life as an ‘adult’ my career path was sort of set, but here I come to find out that I can change my mind whenever the mood strikes. Now this is not to say you should flip flop every other week, but if you start a career in a particular field and decide you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, change it! With all of that being said…

You’ll notice the site has a brand new look, which I will continue to work on and perfect, but I will also be working on myself. I am working to better define my career goals, my brand, and my approach at attacking all of the crazy ideas that run through my head. Over the next few weeks you will see a more cohesive image across my platforms, more consistent posts, and a special project that I will reveal in the near future. In the meantime I have planned out my next few posts, joined groups on Facebook to connect with other awesome bloggers, and I’m letting all of my readers in so I can’t fail, right?

So for my other bloggers, social media mavens, and all around boss babes let me know what works best for you? Who keeps you accountable? What are some tools you use to keep yourself and your content organized? I want to hear from you so comment, hit me up on social media or email me and let’s talk!

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