The Diddy Effect

The Diddy Effect

Today Diddy mentioned me in a post on his Instagram and from there the rest is history. Now if that were where the story ended then I wouldn’t be doing my job. I recently made the decision to attend the Revolt Music Conference, little did I know that before the conference even began my life would be forever changed.

I received an email that went out to all of the attendees of the conference requesting an excerpt and photo stating why we have chosen to attend the conference. Previous posts had been made by Revolt’s IG page so I was expecting (hoping) my photo would also be featured. Much to my surprise I was featured by none other than Diddy himself. From that point on I have gained a mind-boggling amount of followers and supporters as well as possible clients. This decision has already proven to be one of the greatest business decisions I have ever made. I recently made the decision to quit my day job, relocate halfway across the country and take on my PR work full-time. Just when I was really getting nervous and scared out of my mind about taking such a leap things appear to be falling into place.

I have received countless comments, emails, and messages on my social media sites. Few have been from the haters (there will always be a few), but a majority have been words of encouragement or from other young professionals stating that I am an inspiration. I can’t take the credit for this posting (I’m still in a state of shock myself) but I definitely plan to leverage and use it to my advantage. Of course I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t quickly mention if you’re looking for any PR or image consulting services feel free to hit me up at

To see the post that started all of the mayhem:

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