The Bey-MAs

The Bey-MAs

On Sunday night the world bore witness to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. A night meant to honor the greatest in the visual aspect of music was seemingly lackluster for the most part. On a night that brought Britney Spears out of her MTV hiatus and honored Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Van Guard Award you would think that it was destined for greatness, buttttttt unfortunately for the most part it was anything but. From extremely annoying hosting by Key & Peele and backstage commentary from Nicole Byer (I had to actually look her up) it felt as though MTV’s writers were a bunch of middle aged adults trying to write what they thought would be funny. However, it backfired.


From what I understand this year’s show was supposed to be all about Bad Gal RiRi but it was Beyonce who stole the show. Her medley performance of tracks from her visual album “Lemonade” gave the show LIFE. Honestly the show could have ended after her performance but I guess then we would have missed the yawn inducing performance by Britney. If you have been living under a rock and happened to have not seen Beyonce’s display of excellence catch it all right here. Can anyone say #BlackGirlMagic?


Besides Beyonce saving the entire show I have to give honorable mention to Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas, Rihanna, and G-Eazy who attempted to resuscitate Britney’s performance despite what some Britney stans may claim. Given that it was supposed to be a night that honored Rihanna it was hard to find anything spectacular about her 4 performances throughout the night. From the shaky vocals to no big wow moments her final performance of the night served as her best. She was finally able to showcase her range (albeit limited) and her stunning beauty. Britney made her return to the VMA stage after 9 years and there was nothing new about it. After nearly 20 years in the industry Brit Brit has gotten no better at lip syncing and clearly still relies on her basic 8 count choreography. While I have no ill will or dislike of Britney I just wanted better of her.


If you tuned in via social media, Twitter did not disappoint and if not I would just log in for the highlights because there is no point in wasting the full 3 hours to watch what was basically a disaster.

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