Redefining my Passion

Redefining my Passion

Personal Re-Branding

How I’m Redefining my Path and Updating my Goals

Who knew starting my own PR and Social Media Consulting company would be so much work? I know what you’re thinking, “Well duh! Of course starting anything worthwhile takes work” and yes I know every company has to start somewhere. Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles in their first year. I haven’t been in business a year yet and not to toot my own horn but I think I’ve definitely accomplished a lot, but I know that I am capable of so much more. 

When you’re starting your own business it’s hard not to become anxious and want to see progress immediately. There is something to be said about growing up in my generation where instant gratification is the norm and waiting for results is almost unheard of and certainly nerve wracking. In my quest to find patience as well as what success truly means to me I have found that staying current and fresh is key. It is this realization that has lead me to re-branding my site as well as go back and clearly redefine the purpose of my company and my overall goals.

If you take a spin around the site you’ll notice a brand new layout, new pages to clarify my purpose and just a cleaner overall look. When running a business it’s important to continue learning and stay relevant with your skills. I have taken up web design as one of my first tasks, so how do you think I’m doing? 

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