Love, Peace, & Soul: 2014 Soul Train Music Awards

Jodeci Reunion, Femcees Unite, and Kool & the Gang Tribute

The biggest soul train line aired last night in the form of the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards. The show which is iconic for not only it’s catch phrase “Love, peace, and soullllll” was also known for the infamous soul train line. Last night the awards, that in my opinion always remind me of a family reunion, brought out performers old and new for a night of performances to remember. Performers such as Chris Brown, Tinashe, Kem, and the reunion of Jodeci. Just like every awards show there were some highs, lows, and winners that were maybe unexpected? Who really saw the Best New Artist Award going to Niko and Vinz?? 

The show opened with a performance by Chris Brown, who took home 3 awards, that took us back in time with past hits such as “Yo….Excuse Me Miss”, “Take You Down”, “Loyal” and “New Flame”. I personally love Chris as a performer and this performance was a reminder of what made us all fall in love with him in the first place. Despite all of the personal problems Chris has faced it does not change the fact that he is one of the greatest performers of this generation. Tinashe, a relative new-comer to the scene also hit the stage where she opened her set with a snippet of her new single “Pretend” which led into her more well-known hit “2 On”. I’ve only seen the girl perform a few times but this performance definitely appeared to be a come up for the young singer. She danced more and definitely seemed to own the stage with her live vocals unlike some performers. Now this is not to throw shade at Jodeci who were clearly lip syncing during their performance but I really did expect more from such a legendary group. 

The Soul Train Music Awards brought together Jodeci for a long-awited reunion and while it had all R&B lovers singing along it apparently forgot to clue the guys in to sing along too. I love Jodeci just as much as the next girl but for as highly respected as they are they needed to perform live. And, maybe if the lip syncing wasn’t so terrible it would have been acceptable but unfortunately for them that wasn’t the case. You can’t let B.o.B. come out during your big reunion performance and upstage you by simply performing live (note: I adore B.o.B. so no disrespect). A few performances that did get it right were the collaboration of the female emcees as well as the tribute to Kool and the Gang. The collaboration of Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Left Eye (through old video) and of course Lil Kim was a  shining moment of the night. It took me back to a time when there was more than one reputable (I use that term loosely) female emcee putting out quality music. Lil Kim who has been making a steady come back definitely came thru for me and put it down. The other major highlight of the night has to go to the tribute to Kool and the Gang headlined by the incomparable Doug E. Fresh. The performance featured appearances by Liv Warfield, Elle Varner, Tank, and MC Lyte. This performance exemplified what I think the Soul Train Music Awards are all about and that’s the ability to cross generation lines.

If there’s one thing the Soul Train Awards know how to do, it’s having fun and this years show was no different. Also, let me give a little shout out to host Wendy Williams who did her thing. She was the same old Jersey girl (debatable) that we are all used to and it made for good laughs. Until next year….


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