Love and Hip Hop 3: A Recap

The Drama Continues in New York

From Joe Budden and Tahiry to Yandi and Mendeecees the show’s new spin

This past Monday the third season of Love and Hip Hop aired on VH1 to loads of drama. This first episode did not disappoint the fans who have been waiting for months. The show now has many new cast members including Joe Budden (what is he really known for), his girlfriend Kaylin (who doesn’t seem to do much if you ask me), Joe’s supposed “best friend” Raqi Thunda, Joe’s ex and video vixen Tahiry as well as her friend Wynter.

The new cast brings with it some much-needed drama now that a majority of the old cast has either left the show or been kicked to the curb. Joe, who is one strange apple, wants to be friends with his ex Tahiry possibly brings the most drama to the show since she doesn’t get along with his supposed best friend, radio personality Raqi Thunda. There seems to be some unfinished business in the bunch and a side of Raqi that Joe has yet to see.

In other news Yandi gives birth to her first child with boyfriend Mendeecees. The most shocking thing to happen on the show is not in fact the birth of Yandi’s son but the fact that the new father left his own baby shower to go pop bottles with his friends. What kind of man leaves his pregnant girlfriend at his own baby shower and then expects her to get all of the presents home with the help of her father. If you ask me she needs to reconsider her relationship with this “man”. He needs to learn to grow up and take care of his responsibilities.

Olivia is also still on the show but is not stirring up nearly as much gossip worthy news besides getting in the middle of grown folks business. She puts her nose in manager/friend Rich Dollaz relationship with “frenemy” Erica Mena which seems to cause a moment of tension but overall seems like a sleazy attempt for some attention. This “relationship” between Rich and Erica seems to be for the cameras if you ask me. She wants to get ahead and he wants, well we all know what he wants (LOL!)

Now we can only wait to see what happens in this upcoming season and what will happen when “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” airs later this year.

Editor’s note: Oscar nominations came out this morning and let’s be honest there were a few upsets. Tell me why Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated for a Director’s Award for his film “Argo” as well as “Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow was left out of the nominations. This surprises me but I do have to say congratulations to Quvenzhané Wallis who at age 9 is the youngest to be nominated in the best actress category.

Check out the first episode:


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