Life is but a Dream

Beyoncé Reveals Behind the Scenes Footage in Documentary

Last night HBO aired the 90 minute documentary featuring behind the scenes footage of mega-superstar Beyoncé. The documentary was directed by the songstress who wanted to give fans a special look at never before seen parts of her life and what some would call a glimpse at what to expect in her upcoming Mrs. Carter tour.

The documentary entitled “Life is but a Dream” showed Beyoncé prepping for her upcoming tour as well as clips of her past performances but what was maybe most shocking was how Beyoncé spoke on breaking up with her dad in terms of management and on the miscarriage she experienced two years before finally becoming pregnant with Blue Ivy.

I think we can all agree that the documentary was nice but it was over-hyped by the press and the people in Beyoncé’s camp (I heard the special called a commercial for her upcoming tour). It would have been nice to have heard more about what really happened between Beyoncé and her father/manager, Matthew Knowles besides what was already made public. I didn’t see the Oprah special but from what I hear it wasn’t impressive either. Oprah, who is known for getting down to business and asking the tough questions, did no such thing and acted more like a stan than a journalist.

What was a highlight in the documentary was the big reveal of baby Blue Ivy Carter who up until now has been kept under wraps for the most part. She has her mother’s good looks with a hint of her dad’s genes (which is probably for the best). To me, Blue Ivy looked just like what had been predicted by people’s computer generated images.

In the end, I think the documentary was entertaining but it wasn’t necessarily a documentary. Most of the scenes were things that could have easily been shown in a regular TV special and honestly some of the scenes between Jay and Beyoncé could have been staged. I don’t doubt the authenticity of the emotions but to me the documentary showed the Beyoncé we already know and love.

Check out a great recap of the special on one of my favorite sites, TheYBF:


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