GRAMMYs: Proving Black Lives Matter Movement is Not Forgotten

The 57th Annual GRAMMY awards took place Sunday night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The awards show known for over the top performances, once in a lifetime collaborations and out of this world fashion was surprisingly somber. At a time when there are so many things going on the world the GRAMMYs decided to join in on the action. The night featured performances by Sam Smith (who took home 4 awards), Beyonce, Katy Perry, and John Legend and Common. And not to be forgotten there was a special PSA from none other than President Obama himself.

Before we really delve into the heaviness that was the 57th Annual Grammys let’s talk about some of the highs and notable lows of the evening. Just because I like to end on a high note we’ll start with some of my least favorite moments of the night. I’m sorry but what was Madonna doing? Her performance reminded me of running with the bulls. And while I can give her props for looking as fabulous as she does for her age she does not need to be writhing around on stage like a horny school girl. Those days have passed sweetie. Next, I really wasn’t feeling Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani’s performance. While they both looked great they also sounded very nasal-y.  It was an odd duo to begin with if you ask me.

As promised I will finish on a high note; Sunday was deemed the “Sammys” by some social media users as it was definitely the night for Sam Smith. Smith took home four Grammys including Best New Artist. I personally love him so I was thrilled. Sam Smith took the stage to showcase the song that won him four Grammys, Ariana Grande serenaded the audience, Kanye kept it simple, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga joined forces once again, and Ed Sheeran performed with John Mayer, Questlove, and Herbie Hancock. These were just some of the performances that I thought were worth mentioning. I can’t say that any of them were mind-blowing but of them I would have to give it to either Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith. The highlight for many was the performance by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney. I know it was something special for me as this crossed genres and generations.

This year’s Grammys were also chock-full of meaningful messages, some of which were hidden within performances. Pharrell included an ode to the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Movement during his performance of “Happy”, Beyonce performed “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”, and the highlight of the night John Legend and Common took the stage to close the show with their Oscar nominated song “Glory”. The song which is featured in the film detailing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his follower’s epic march from Selma to Montgomery in their fight to end racism. Not only was the night an ode to the current fight for racial equality it was also a night to combat domestic violence. There was a PSA from President Obama along with a moving speech from a survivor of domestic violence that led to a somber performance by Katy Perry. Needless to say this year’s Grammy’s were not what anyone expected. The Grammys are usually a night of show-stopping, high energy performances but this year they were used as a platform to stand for a cause and I can’t be mad at that.





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