GRAMMY Nominees 2015: The Come Up and the Snubs

GRAMMY Nominees 2015: The Come Up and the Snubs

This morning bright and early the Nominees for the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards were announced on CBS and the Twitterverse came alive. Everyone and their mama voiced their opinion on the nominees, good or bad. Leading the pack in nominations, Kendrick Lamar becomes the second most nominated artist in history after Michael Jackson. Kendrick, the California rapper, has been nominated for 11 GRAMMYs with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd tied for second with 7 nominations apiece. This year’s nominations seem to have some people in an uproar believing certain artists have been snubbed (a certain boy band comes to mind) which is inevitable since not everyone can be nominated. A problem with the GRAMMY awards seems to be people’s lack of knowledge on how the nominations actually work. The GRAMMYs are not the MTV Awards or the VMAs, these awards are not simply based on the votes of overly excited teen girls. If you’re unfamiliar with how the nominating and voting process works check it out, here.

The GRAMMY Awards are considered music’s biggest night and to simply be nominated for an award is an honor. This year Kendrick Lamar was nominated for 11 awards for his album To Pimp a Butterfly which in my opinion is rightly deserved. I’m a fan of Taylor Swift, she’s a great artist, but she can’t continue to be nominated every year for every award. While Kendrick’s nominations were no surprise there were quite a few that seem to have caught most people off guard. Namely, the most surprising seems to be Alabama Shakes who was nominated for 5 awards. Justin Bieber was even nominated for Best Dance Recording for his unlikely collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo on “Where Are U Now”.

Some unlikely and some not so unlikely snubs this year go to the boys of One Direction (sorry girls) and Rihanna. While 1D had an eligible album Rihanna hasn’t released a new album in almost 3 years making her ineligible to be nominated. What I can’t get over is Drake’s nomination for his Meek Mill dis track “Back to Back” which was nominated for Best Rap Performance. Who knew a dis track could potentially win you a GRAMMY?! Either way congrats to all of the nominees and to those who weren’t nominated keep pushing this just wasn’t your year.

For a full list of the nominees visit the LA Times, here.

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