Chris Brown: Under Attack or Warranted Hate

Chris Brown: Under Attack or Warranted Hate

The Downfall of Chris Brown

As I’m sure most of the world knows Chris Brown has once again made headlines and it’s not for a hot new song, or a cute insta post of him and daughter Royalty, but rather he has once again become the center of a scandal. This one stems from a woman calling the police in the wee hours of the morning stating the Brown had threatened her with a gun.


Now I know what many of you are thinking, “Chris has a bad past”, “he’s hateful towards women” etc, etc and I get it. I’m no “stan” when it comes to Chris but I have to say that a lot of what has been reported doesn’t add up. The alleged “victim” Baylee something or other appears to only be worried about hitting her come up. First off, if this is such a serious matter and you’re scared for your life why are you talking to TMZ and not the police? *insert side eye* Secondly, Miss Baylee was real quick to post a video that also had no hint of fear but more or less of satisfaction. Third, this girl had the audacity to change her Instagram bio to include the line “Yes Chris Threatened Me…” and might I add she did it with the swiftness. You see little Miss Baylee was garnering thousands of followers by the hour until she made her accounts private.


Of course social media was on top of covering every last detail and weighing in with their opinions. What caught my eye was the amount of people willing to stand up for Brown in the wake of what is most certainly being deemed a cry for attention by the “victim”. It’s crazy how much attention we pay to situations such as this when there are more pressing matters going on in the world around us. One tweet in particular stated that the way this event was being covered you’d think Chris Brown was El Chapo, but let’s be honest El Chapo couldn’t pay for this much coverage because we aren’t invested in his life.


Everyone is quick to blame Chris Brown and say they don’t like him and all I have to say to that is to each their own. You don’t have to like Chris as a person (not that you probably know him) to respect him as an artist. I’ve seen the question raised, do we separate the artist from the person? I would simply say, yes. Who you are at home has nothing to do with how well you make music, or dribble a basketball, or whatever your special talent may be. This DOES NOT mean that I condone violence or ignorant behavior but it means I accept that you are human. You will error (just as everyone else) and we will all move past it.


I do hope for the best in Brown’s case. He was seemingly doing well, taking care of his daughter, making music, and minding his business. It would SUCK if something such as this (which I’m deeming false accusations) be the final straw in what takes down his empire. They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer but in Brown’s case I would say he first needs to figure out the difference.

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