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Howard Homecoming 2012: Legendary

For those of you that missed it last week was Howard University’s homecoming. This year’s title was “Legendary” and it was nothing short of amazing. While funding was cut  forcing the usually week long celebration to be cut down to just a weekend of festivities it lived up to the usual expectations.

The weekend started on Wednesday with Dream Day where the entertainment industry was brought to the hilltop. Young professionals in the TV, film, and music industries spoke to students and held panels where students were able to learn and interact with the panelists. Panelists included young professionals such as Angela and Vanessa Simmons and Issa Rae. The afternoon got off to a late and undoubtedly unorganized start but according to one student it was well worth the wait. The same student said that the film panel was the most beneficial of the panels even though there was a lack of coherence throughout the duration of the event.

Thursday was the true start of the homecoming  events with the fashion show which this year featured a performance by Elle Varner. The fashion show is one of the more popular events held throughout the week and this year it may have topped the list for paid events. The show was late starting (a normal for any Howard event) but just as quickly started it seemed to stop. The show was very broken up and lacked a theme which disappointed as previous years have had a recurring theme throughout the show.The only saving grace for the show which probably kept most students and other patrons holding on was the pending performance by Elle Varner. Nearly 3 hours later Elle finally hit the stage and did not disappoint. She quite possibly made up for the entire mess that was being passed off as a fashion show.

Friday, Howard University came to life with the promise of yardfest.The homecoming staple featured performances from Beanie Man, Naughty by Nature, Marcus Canty, Leah Labelle, 2 Chainz, and Meek Mills. Thousands of alumni, students and DC residents packed the yard for the free concert which also featured surprise performances by Drake and T.I. Now yardfest is always an exciting time during the homecoming experience because it brings the hottest performers in the music industry to Howard’s campus but this year it brought mayhem. When Drake it the stage an all out riot ensued where students and security alike were injured by the crowd rushing towards the stage.

The weekend continued with the parade which brings the Howard community together to spot the celebrities that are sure to be in attendance. Grand marshal Laz Alonso made an appearance at the game taking pictures with fans while the Howard went on to clench the victory against Morgan State 21-20. I don’t know who would pay $45 to see our fellow classmates step but I’m sure the event was great. Finally, the weekend ended with the gospel show which featured a performance by Fred Hammond. All in all while we may have given the homecoming committee a lot of slack they seemed to pull through.


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