2015 Is Mine!

2015 Is Mine!

Speak It Into Existence

Happy New Year! I want to wish everyone a happy new year. May 2015 be a prosperous and productive year for everyone. With a new year comes a new me, right? Wrong! Nothing will change unless you do. I have seen so many posts across my social media by everyone and they mama talking about “New Year, New Me”. I hate to be the one to break it to you but nothing will change in 2015 unless you decide to make a change and stick to it. Most New Year’s resolutions last all of a week or maybe even a month if you’re motivated, but the problem is they never seem to be seen all the way to completion. I want this year to be the year you stick with your new year’s resolutions and create the change you want to see. I’ll be honest and admit to the fact that I have been one of the goal setters in the past and the longest I usually make it before I forget about my goals is about a month or two, but this year I felt something different. 

I had a big year in 2014 starting with quitting my dead-end 9-5 job and taking up public relations full-time. My career goal is to be a celebrity publicist and work for the musicians that I admire and enjoy. This is a big goal and I know there is a long road ahead of me, but how am I supposed to accomplish this goal if I don’t take a step out on faith and do something about it? After quitting my job I moved halfway across the country from my home state of Minnesota to sunny San Antonio, Texas. This was another goal that I can say I accomplished. After surviving one brutal winter after graduating college I told myself I would not endure another one and sure enough I was up and out before the beginning of this winter.  Anyways, I quit my job decided to attend the Revolt Music Conference and I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I decided to invest in myself and my career. This conference allowed me to learn, grow, and connect with other industry professionals. Not to mention I got a shout out from the man himself, Diddy via Instagram which forever changed the game for me.  Needless to say my stock went up exponentially in a matter of days and I just want to continue to build on what Diddy kick started for me. I can’t let the man down!

So as for 2015 I’m not going to say “New Year, New Me” I’m just going to keep my head down and grind and I want you all to do the same. Do whatever you need to do to keep the momentum and motivation going so you can accomplish the goals you probably set forth in 2012. For me the key has been putting up visual reminders around my house but maybe for you it’s something completely different. Whatever it is I want you to find it and utilize it to keep you motivated and constantly progressing closer to your goals. I’m also a firm believer in positive energy and the law of attraction so speak it into existence. Don’t let the negative things get in your way and you will attract everything you want in the New Year.

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