2014 MTV European Music Awards

Last night MTV aired the 2014 Europe Music Awards better known as the EMAs which were hosted by Nicki Minaj and her many wardrobe changes. Seriously though who didn’t love all of the different looks Nicki was giving??  In the first 30 minutes I think Nicki went through 3 wardrobe changes but who’s counting?? The night featured performances from Charlie  XCX, Ariana Grande (who might I add was sporting a much more mature look), Nick Jonas among many others. I just want to highlight some of the special points of the night, some of my favorites and of course some of the “misses”.

Ariana known for her more or less bubble gum teenage look definitely stepped it up for the 2014 EMAs by wearing her hair down and a more or less corset like leotard inspired performance outfit. I personally think she looked beautiful and it’s about time she come out of her shell and show the world that she’s a grown woman. I know what a lot of people are probably thinking, “Did Big Sean have something to do with this transformation?” I guess we’ll never know we should just appreciate the new more grown up Ariana.

Other honorable mentions of course have to be given to Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas (I lowkey love him), and Ed Sheeran. Nicki took us back to the VMAs and her unforgettable performance of “Anaconda”. This was the Nicki Minaj show that simply featured performances by other artists if they were so lucky. Nick Jonas performed in the rain, what more do I need to say? He has successfully gone from a wholesome member of a boy band that wore purity rings to a male sex symbol. Um who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran and his little guitar. I feel like every performance Ed gives (and yes we’re on a first name basis) is simple and true to who he is as an artist. He let’s the music speak for itself. 

Now for some “misses”Charli XCX seems to be on most people’s sh*t list. She had a hit with rapper Iggy Azalea but does that mean she can survive on her own? Clearly not. Social media blew up bashing the singer, if that’s what you want to call her, over her lackluster performance at the EMAs. Lest not forget about U2 who in recent months has made headlines for their album being forced down every iTunes users throat when it magically appeared in every single iTunes account.  I can also hear the haters coming for Ariana Grande after her big win over Queen Bey and Nicki in the Best Female category. If this is based on the fans votes then I feel as though everyone needs to keep quiet because there are clearly fans out there that love and appreciate Ariana. 

 So what did you think of the awards show last night? What were some of your favorite moments? Any hits or misses I didn’t include? Let me know. Let’s talk!


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